Darryl Starbird's

National Rod & Custom Car 
Hall of Fame Museum

Show Judging Guidelines

ChristinaEvery effort will be made to contract qualified experienced car builders as judges.  

Judging will be strictly by judges opinion. Each judge will determine how he feels about the vehicle he is judging, his expertise will be his main guidelines. The main consideration will be how well the builder, designer and owner accomplished modifying or rebuilding the vehicle being judged. Design, engineering, craftsmanship, detail will be considered in all aspects of the vehicle.

StarcruiserThe other major considerations will be how practical the vehicle is for the intended original purpose of the vehicle, whether it be a race car, street car, off road vehicle, etc. We demand that the vehicle has a show appeal. At each event the judges will be advised to consider if the entry stays within these guidelines and the purpose intended.

The display will not be judged as a part of the cars or given any special consideration by the judge. Keep in mind that the judges are just human, first impressions are very important. Your display will influence the judges opinion even if it is subconscious. We are in a car show environment and we encourage you to display your car to best influence the judge, zap him with that first impression.

In a judging seminary situation each judge will be advised to follow the guidelines in his own application as listed. These are only guidelines. Judges opinion is the determining factor. Design - Craftsmanship - Engineering - Amount of Modifications - Detail. Judges opinion in all aspects. 

  • Body and Paint                                50%
  • Design, Workmanship, Interior    25%
  • Undercarriage & Floor                   12.5%
  • Engine & Engine Compartment   12.5%

** All winners of d'Excellence Awards are not eligible for Statement or Pros Choice Awards

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