Darryl Starbird's

National Rod & Custom Car 
Hall of Fame Museum

National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum
(a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation)

The National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum is located on Highway 85A an hour northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 40,000 Sq. Ft. facility houses over 50 custom built exotic vehicles by world renowned custom car builder and designer Darryl Starbird as well as many other famous hot rod and custom car builders.

Every square inch of the wall and space is full of photos and memorabilia of famous custom
built vehicles including street rods, nostalgic custom cars, vans, pickups, sports cars and experimental bubble topped concept looking vehicles of the future. 

Many of the vehicles priceless in value having a historic significance as well as demonstrating thousands of hours of labor and ingenuity of design and workmanship.

Being recognized as the first and only National Hall of Fame honoring the individuals that have created thousands of these types of vehicles since the early fifties.

The hall of Fame inducted thirteen builders (listed below) at a celebration banquet ceremony held August 6, 1995, each year in June an Anniversary Celebration is held inducting two more custom & rod builders.

A history in the form of thousands of photos and miscellaneous memorabilia is on display capturing the work of each of these icons in the custom car and street rod world. Actual original creations in full size cars will also be displayed on a rotating basis of the famous builders. this is not your usual antique classic car car museum so prevalent throughout the country but a unique display of one of a kind custom creations. Works of art in their own right as well as visual illustrations of culture development that started in the '50's and has influenced our society, Detroit car designs and our very way of living ever since.

The American Graffiti classic movie documents these trends for prosperity and Tom Wolfe the celebrated American author put the era and feeling into words in his book the Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamline Baby.

I guess Toad in American Graffiti said it all when he was given the '58 Chevy custom car by his friend while he was away at college when he said, "This is better that Darryl Starbird's superfleck moonbird". Come in and see what Toad was referring to and relive this American feeling of an era.


Charter Members of the Hall of Fame are:
George Barris
Neil Emory
Darryl Starbird
Boyd Coddington
Roy Brizio
Gene Winfield
Joe Bailon
Ken (Posies) Fenical
Dick Megugorac
Bill Cushenbery
Carl Casper
Ed Roth
Alexander Bros.


Hall of Fame Inductees:
Dick Huckans
Gerald "Bo" Huff
Chuck Miller
Chip Foose
Joe Wilhelm
Dick Dean
Doug Thompson
Chuck Lombardo
Bill Hines
John Buttera
Dean Jeffries
Pat Keating
Cliff Starbird
Pete Chapouris
Jim Jacobs
Troy Trepanier
Don Thelen
Barry Lobeck
Frank DeRosa
Andy Brizio
Sam Foose
Titus Brothers
Larry Watson
Arthur Himsl
Troy Ladd
Oz Welch
Bobby Alloway
Rod Powell 
Steve Moal
Manuel Artche
Dick Scully
Norm Grabowski
Steve Frisbie
Barry White
Gary Howard
Jerry Kugel
Tim Strange
Harold Murphy


Designer Hall of Fame Inductees:
Kenny Youngblood
Dave Bell
Darrell Mayabb
Harry Bradley
Dennis McPhail
Thom Taylor
Chip Foose
Larry Erickson
Herb Martinez
M.K. John
Steve Stanford
Yosemite Sam Radoff 
Alberto Hernandez


Life Time Achievement:
Jon Kosmoski 
George Barris
Blackie Gejeian
Bob Larivee
Robert Petersen
Donna M. Starbird
Spencer Murray
Greg Sharp
Jerry Titus
Tom McMullen
Bill Smith


Car Collector of the Year:
Beau Boeckman Kurt McCormick  


Auto Journalist / Photographer:
Tome Vogele Steve Coonan Alan Mayes


Auto Painter:
Junior Conway Darryl Hollenbeck  


Specialty Manufacturer:
Brent Vandervort - Fat Man Fabrication   | Jack Chisenhall - Vintage Air

Located in in Afton, Oklahoma, the Museum is situated on eighty acres of lake front in a park like setting. It's just thirty-five minutes southwest of Joplin, Missouri off of Interstate I-44 (Tulsa to St. Louis). Take the Afton exit to Grove, Oklahoma Highway 59 then right on Highway 125 to Highway 85A.

Museum Hours:
10am to 5pm each day - Closed on Sunday & Tuesday. (March - October)
Closed - (November - February)
"Museum Hours are subject to change without notice. 
Please call (918) 257-4234 for current times"

(Call for appointments on "Off Days" or during "Closed" months).

$15.00 adults
$14.00 Seniors (65 years)
$10.00 (ages 10 yrs - 14 yrs)

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