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Legal Information:

The Exhibitor hereby applies to the producer of the custom auto show referred to above, to have the vehicle described above displayed therein and agrees that, if the application is accepted, he/she will display the vehicle at the show under the following conditions.

1. Most shows are necessarily overbooked by 10%. In such cases where space is not available for an entry already accepted to the show, the producer will have sole authority to deny entrance to the building to vehicles arriving after the building capacity has been reached. Exhibitors denied access to the building will be refunded any monies paid to the producer, upon request.

2. As between the exhibitor and the producer, the producer shall have the final authority to determine the location of an exhibitor's display within the show and the exhibitor's compliance with the aforesaid rules, regulations and policies.

3. Once the exhibitor's display and/or vehicle are set up in the show, they shall not be removed or concealed by the exhibitor prior to the end of the show without the permission of the producer.

4. Neither the producer, the sponsor, nor any officer, director or
shareholder, thereof, or the owner of the building at which the show is produced, shall be responsible or liable for any damage to all or any part of the exhibitors display and/or vehicle, and the exhibitor shall and does hereby waive any and all rights he may have against them or any of them for such loss or damage.

5. No commercial advertising is allowed with entries unless they are appearing in conjunction with paid commercial space. A single sign may be used to identify major modifications, who did them, and what equipment was used, but large signs, handbills, or business card distribution is prohibited.

6. In consideration of this entry, the owner and spouse and guests agree to permit the NRCC Hall of Fame or it's assigns the use of their name and pictures of the entered vehicle for publicity, advertising and commercial purposes (including newspapers, magazines, radio and television) before, during and after the event, and do hereby relinquish rights whatsoever to any photos taken in connection with the event, and give permission to publish or sell or otherwise dispose of said photographs to NRCC Hall of Fame or it's assigns. All publicity and advertising rights reserved by the NRCC Hall of Fame or it's assigns. 

SIGNED ______________________________________________________________  DATE ___________________

                                                    (Exhibitor Signature)
NOTE * (If exhibitor is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian MUST sign for the exhibitor.)

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